Playing an Active Role in Your Teen’s Life Can Decrease the Likeliness That They Will Consume Alcohol

Playing an Active Role in Your Teen's Life Can Decrease the Likeliness That They Will Consume AlcoholThe closeness a young person feels to his or her family and the respect they have for their parents may keep them from experimenting with alcohol.

A article shared information about a study on families and alcohol intervention. What the researcher determined is that cultural and relational values were important pieces to incorporate into treatment for alcohol in youth. She said these types of interventions that focus on strong values in accordance with the bond between adolescents and their families could decrease the likeliness that they will use alcohol.

It is not just the concern that adolescents are consuming alcohol underage, but that when they choose to drink their inhibitions are also lessened. They tend to partake in other activities that may be dangerous for them including other drugs and sexual activity.

Alcohol has been determined to be the gateway drug, instead of marijuana as it has been known in the past. Officials believe that if a teen makes the decision to drink, then they are more likely to indulge in other activities as well.

In this study and in so many other issues in youth, the more their families are involved in their lives, the less likely they are to get into trouble and experiment with things that may not be good for them. Teens may just be teens and tend to make choices based on what their friends are doing, but if they are close to their parents and can truly talk to them, they may choose to make better decisions.

It is important for adolescents to know that people care for them. They also appreciate boundaries at some level, so being active in your young teen’s life and being available to them could be the biggest deterrent for them in the choices they make that could impact their lives forever.