Does God Help Addicts?

The answer to this question may depend on who is answering it. If you ask a believing Christian if God helps addicts, the answer would almost definitely be yes. God promises, through His Word, to free us from any bondage. In temptation, He will provide an escape. If we know the Bible, we know these promises.

However, ask a practicing addict and you may get a different answer. Many of us in recovery can remember those dark days in addiction. We remember endless pleading with God, impassioned prayers, fervent Bible reading and seeking help from leaders and pastors. And yet every time we vowed we would not use again, we fell back into the trap. If you’re still a practicing addict, you know the routine.

When God Seems Silent

God Changes Your Heart - Does God Help Addicts - ChristianDrugRehabThe addict who has pleaded and prayed will wonder, “How will God help me with my struggle with drug addiction or alcoholism?” God is in heaven and we’re here on the ground. It’s hard to imagine that God, even if He does exist, could help us stop drinking or using. It seems impossible. And if He can help, why hasn’t He?

Others may believe God has the power, but not the desire. We wonder, “Does the Lord accept addicts?” Or does He turn the addict away, frustrated with the endless slipping and sinning? Is God tired of us and our endless struggle (and failure) to get on the straight and narrow?

God Can And Does Help Addicts

God is all powerful. He can heal diseases and make the blind see and the lame walk. While we may not see as many of these large-scale miracles in modern times, the God of the Bible is the same God, now and forever. The God who created the universe also has the power to free you from the bondage of addiction.

And you will find, if you ask the members of a local A.A. group or the newly sober residents at Christian drug and rehab centers, the answer is overwhelmingly yes, God does have the power to save people from addiction and to heal and restore their lives.

But then why doesn’t He? Certainly we may see that He is doing it in the lives of others. But what about those of us who still struggle? Why has God not chosen to unleash His restorative power in our lives?

The Need To Hit Bottom

There is no easy answer to this. God’s wisdom is infinite and His timeline is not always clear. But we do know that God helps those who desire His help and who humble themselves to admit their powerlessness. Many addicts who have felt only God’s distance may admit that they were never really ready to admit defeat. Many were still trying to manage on their own, while only sinking deeper into addiction. They had not hit bottom.

God’s Help For You

If you’re still struggling with addiction and still feeling like God is elusive, remember that the promises in the Bible are real. They are as true for you as anyone else who has recovered. But there are steps we have to take. Many of us have prayed, but we have been unwilling to admit powerlessness. We have not wanted to repent. But it is this humility and honesty that often opens the door of recovery. Are you willing?

If you are struggling with addiction and want to recover, there is help for you. God loves you and is ready to help lift this burden. Christian rehab can be the place to start.

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