When a Christian Is an Addict

The Fourth Dimension and Our Kit of Spiritual Tools - Part 1It isn’t easy to admit that we’re addicts. We shudder to see what our lives have become and we are reluctant to take on “addict” as a personal label, descriptor or identity. We have disappointed ourselves, our families, our churches, and – we fear – God. To admit to being an addict seems to make it all the more real.

But in reality, if we are addicts, no amount of denial will change the fact. We can pretend the problem isn’t there, we can pray and we can try to muster up the discipline to rid our lives of the offending substance or behavior. But God may be calling us to something else. Instead of a display of self-sufficiency, he may be calling us to the very humility and dependence that a full and honest admission will entail.

Look at your life. Is your denial of the addiction problem taking it away? No, if anything denial is making the problem worse. Or perhaps you fear what others would think of you if they knew. You fear rejection and ostracism. And yes, those are possible outcomes, but is it worth it to sacrifice your sanity to addiction simply to maintain a false image and sense of belonging?

There is freedom in the realization and admission that we are addicts, and far from taking us out of God’s favor, we find that it actually brings us in. In addiction we are forced to hide, deceiving ourselves and others and feeling like we can never stand authentically before God. As a result, we question the love of others and of God, asking, “If they really knew who I am and what I do, would they love me?” But when we come clean, we are surprised by the grace of God and the support and understanding that we find in family, friends and our fellow Christians. Our honesty and humility, paradoxically, doesn’t drive us out. It pulls us in.

We will perhaps lament that our lives have taken this sad turn and we will wonder why God has permitted it. But many Christians, after stabilizing in sobriety and recovery, will come to count their addiction as one of their greatest blessings. How is this possible? It is because through addiction we are brought to the end of ourselves and when we see that there is nothing in us that we can rely on, we are forced to rely on God. When we see we cannot save ourselves, we are forced into the arms of the only one who can. This desperation and need, far from being a curse or a weakness, is a blessing and a strength.

If you know you struggle with an addiction, don’t delay in seeking the help you need to be restored to physical health, mental sanity and spiritual vitality. Christian drug and alcohol rehab will not only help you to stop practicing the addict behaviors, but will also help you to reestablish a relationship of dependence on God instead of an addiction. Christian drug rehabilitation takes the addict into the Bible where God’s love and power is displayed in Jesus Christ. This love and power is for you. Christian drug rehab is also a place for establishing the fellowship with other Christian addicts that will provide the support and sense of belonging that you crave as you heal in Christ.