Fighting Alcoholism as a Christian

The Chronic Slipper: How To Help Those Who Continue to RelapseYou may be wondering, “How can I be a Christian and an alcoholic?” If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ and you believe that in him you are saved from your sins and receive power over temptation, how is it that you are facing such a powerful, life-controlling addiction? Where is the deliverance?

What we know about addictions, whether substance-related or behavioral, is that no one is immune to them. And actually, there is nothing to suggest that addiction occurs at a lower rate within the church than outside of it. This doesn’t mean that your Christian faith isn’t relevant to the fight against addiction and sin, but that it doesn’t automatically shield you from the same conditions that society faces as a whole.

This is because addiction is not a moral failure – it is a disease. Its roots are deeply intertwined with genetics and conditioning, which is to say it’s an issue of both nurture and nature. And even if you grew up in a stable Christian home in which no one struggled with alcoholism or other addictions, you may still end up an alcoholic. But take heart. God is preparing to do powerful things in you through your addiction and recovery. When you surrender honestly and humbly, you will see him begin to move.

Recovering From Alcoholism

For the Christian, God and addiction recovery go hand in hand. Many Christians fail to accept the help that God has for them because of the shame they feel about their struggles with addiction or their actions as addicts. They feel they have been “disqualified” and no longer have the right to ask for his assistance. However this mindset of guilt and shame is not what God’s message of love, forgiveness and grace is meant to inspire. If you have confessed and repented, you have God’s forgiveness and his power in your corner. You can boldly approach the throne of grace as you walk through this time of need.

Christians will also be strengthened and encouraged by others who are fighting a similar battle. Seeking Christian support groups, as well as forming intentional relationships with Christians you meet in rehab or at your 12-step meetings, will be vital to your continued development as a sober Christian. Many churches also have support groups and Bible studies for those who have struggled with or are struggling with addiction. If you are serious about getting well and growing in Christ, seek out these groups for the support, solidarity and friendship they provide. They help to break down the secrecy and isolation that so commonly characterize addiction. What has lingered in the darkness must be brought into the light.

Help for Christians Who Are Alcoholics

If you are a Christian struggling with alcoholism, know that the Lord stands ready to help you. Your destiny is freedom from the slavery and bondage of addiction. There is grace for you and the power to get well and stay sober. Many Christians find that a Christian alcohol treatment program is the place to start the recovery journey – there you receive the Biblical support and direction that will give you the foundation you need for a life in sobriety.