Christian Drug Rehab

For many Christians, recovery from addiction is greatly enhanced when it is grounded in spiritual principles. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol for acceptance and love, they find genuine fulfillment by receiving treatment for addiction and at the same time growing in their relationship with God.

“Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.”
Psalm 51:12

In Christian drug rehab, clients draw on the strength of their relationship with God to find their sense of purpose and resist the temptation to return to drug or alcohol abuse. Through prayer and scripture, clients work to fill the spiritual void that contributes to and perpetuates addictive thinking and behaviors – first by experiencing the love and acceptance of God, and then allowing that love to touch every area of their lives until they can share those blessings with others.

Treatment in our Christian drug rehab is guided by a Christian counselor and spiritual leader who specializes in Biblical studies and the 12-Step model of addiction treatment. In addition to individual, group and family therapy, relapse prevention planning and 12-Step meetings, clients in our Christian drug rehab program participate in:

  • Therapy led by a Christian drug counselor
  • Celebrate Recovery support groups and 12-Step meetings
  • Bible study sessions
  • Attendance at vibrant local churches

Clients learn about the scriptures through educational lectures, group sessions and private study, and find comfort and solace in the word of God. By combining traditional addiction treatments with Biblical teachings, clients learn to embrace the will of God and enjoy lasting recovery through their relationship with their Higher Power, Jesus Christ.

Why Is It So Important for the Christian to Be Free of Addiction?

The Danger of Addiction as Idolatry

While many addicts can’t imagine admitting that they worship alcohol or drugs, addiction represents not only a mental and physical condition, but also a spiritual one. The Bible instructs that we must have no other gods before God. That means that He is the one who is to be praised, relied upon, loved, adored, and honored. When we are in need, we are to look to Him as the great provider. When life challenges us, we are called to bear and face the challenges with the strength He provides. This is a proper relationship between the Creator and the created. It is like the best of relationships between a father and child. It represents healthy dependence, trust, provision, and care. The relationship makes the child flourish.

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