5 Things You Can Do Today To Strengthen Your Recovery

We know that our program work and spiritual practices are essential to our daily recovery. But as addicts, we’ll still struggle with our problems of fear, anxiety, negativity, resentment and even mild depression. The good news is that there are a few simple things you can do right now to boost your mood and strengthen your recovery. Try these:

Things You Can Do Today To Strengthen Your Recovery

1. Be Grateful

Be of Good Cheer-Strengthen Your Recovery-ChristianDrugRehabNothing threatens our sobriety like resentment and fear. And nothing is so effective in extinguishing those negative emotions like a deep sense of gratitude. As addicts, this doesn’t often come naturally to us, but thankfully this is a practice that we can cultivate and improve upon. When you feel your mind going to that negative place—about your job, your spouse or your life in general—encourage yourself to reroute the course of your thoughts. What are you grateful for? How is God blessing you? What’s going right? If we are in recovery today, we already have cause for rejoicing—there were days we couldn’t stay sober through the morning. Happy people aren’t so different; they just have a different focus. Let yourself experiment with turning your focus on the good things and be grateful.

2. Serve Others

Anything we can do to take the focus off of ourselves and our issues helps strengthen our recovery muscles. This doesn’t mean we neglect our own needs or our recovery practices. It means that, paradoxically, we find a lot of joy and contentment when we are more focused on serving others rather than wallowing in self-pity. Look for opportunities to help and love others, but remember, service can sometimes be as simple as generating compassionate thoughts or taking time to pray for a friend or family member. Intentionally direct love, kindness and compassion toward others in thought, word and deed.

3. Pray And Meditate

The busier and more distracted we become and the more we let anxieties and negative emotions pile up, the more we start to crave a fix. Thus taking time to be still and connect to God is essential for helping us to know peace. When we make this a practice, we become more attuned to His voice and His leading. We gain focus, and that means we avoid wasting time spinning our wheels or flying off in the wrong direction. Fifteen minutes can work wonders. Use the time to both talk to God and to simply listen and feel His loving and gracious presence.

4. Focus On The Present

We’re often caught in our regrets about the past or our anxieties about the future, and that, of course, leaves no time for enjoying or experiencing the glorious, beautiful now. You have a God who loves you—He is watching out for your future. That means you have the freedom to live fully in this one space of 24 hours. Whatever it is you are struggling with, make a deal with yourself that you will accept it just for today. We don’t have to solve our entire life’s problems at once.

5. Get Moving

No matter how you’re feeling right now, you’ll feel better and more positive about your life and recovery when you get your body moving. It’s hard to have a vibrant, active, focused mind and spirit when our bodies are suffering for lack of use. No need for a grueling gym workout unless you like that sort of thing. Take a dance break, talk a walk or do a few yoga poses. Try to go long enough to get your endorphins flowing.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Help From Additional Resources

However you are feeling today is normal. There is no need to avoid it or pretend it isn’t real. In recovery we have the freedom to accept exactly where we are. But we also have a wealth of resources that can help lift our spirits and put us in a more positive state. Ask that God would help you to be willing to use all of the resources available to you today.