‘Change your Choices’ Puts the Addict in Control

‘Change your Choices’ Puts the Addict in ControlIt sounds like such a simple recommendation. Just change the choices you make and you can change your life. This is, in fact, the focus of the book “Change your Choices, Change your Life,”  written by Lowell K. Oswald and John Waterbury.

A short summary of the work follows: “We all encounter challenges. The key is learning how to respond to them. Now you can start seeing life with a clear and healthy perspective as you identify the source of your emotional and spiritual challenges and make constructive changes for a more balanced life.”

There is even a rather shocking guarantee that this book will “grant you peace and power no matter what challenges you face.”

How can anyone offer a guarantee of this magnitude? Do the authors know something that the rest of the world does not when it comes to overcoming addiction and learning to weather the challenges that ensue upon returning home from rehab?

The answer is that it is all in how the reader applies the nuggets of wisdom contained within. Recovery experts the world over have repeatedly stressed that we heal from within, albeit not alone. We require the ongoing support and encouragement of others as we make our journey through life in sobriety. That so many of us experience continual heartache and an inability to make wise choices means that we still have much to learn, not the least of which is to give ourselves over to our Higher Power, to accept that we are humans who make mistakes and to ask for the strength and courage to learn how to not only see appropriate choices, but also to make them.

This book is intended to assist those who seek to discover their own path to emotional healing and spiritual growth. And it is very much shaded with insights that are spiritual in nature.

Should readers with no religious inclinations shy away from such a book? Not if they’re truly interested in benefitting from sound recommendations that can help in their recovery journey. It isn’t necessary to be devoutly religious to get something valuable from this book.

Divided into two main sections, Part 1 addresses healing emotionally, while Part 2 focuses on growing spiritually. Considering that individuals in recovery likely have experienced quite a bit of emotional pain and distress, anything that can help balance out these negative emotions should be welcome. By the same token, who couldn’t derive substantial benefit from a better understanding and appreciation of their own spirituality–whether or not they believe themselves to be overtly spiritual?

The core of what is presented here is that life is about choosing, not just about choices. We all make choices every day. Some are seemingly inconsequential, while others have major importance. Yet all are directions that we choose to take. Years of abuse, emotional damage, the effects of drugs and alcohol, a severely dysfunctional family, mental illness – all these can take a tremendous toll. But this doesn’t mean that our lives are destined to remain in misery. We can make profound differences in our lives by virtue of the choices we make.

The good news for everyone is that we all can do this. We can all do a self-analysis and learn to recognize, process and change our patterns of self-defeating perceptions and behavior. Rich or poor, young or old, male or female, the power of choice is ours. Looking for some sound help in beginning to change your choices so that you can change your life? Read this book.