How Can I Be Sure I Will Stay Sober?

Finally we’re sober—maybe for a day, a week or a year—and we feel good about it. We have hope for the first time. We are beginning to see that our destroyed lives could be something beautiful. We are experiencing God’s blessings left and right.

But there’s a nagging voice in the back of our heads telling us this can never last. We know ourselves, we know how low we have sunk and we are pretty sure we could end up there again. We’re feeling good about the program today, but how can we guarantee we’ll stay sober? How do we know the other shoe won’t drop?

Let Faith Guide You - Stay Sober - ChristianDrugRehab.comThese are common concerns—all recovering addicts have them at some point. And if we don’t, we may be lacking in humility or relying too much on our own strength and willpower.

If you are wondering how you can be sure you’ll stay sober, you’re normal.

However, there is no need for anxiety or fear. When we have a healthy reverence for the danger of our addiction and a high view of the God who saves, we find the middle ground where we can live—just for today.

Help To Stay Sober

Trusting God To Keep Us Sober

For those of us who believed we could control the universe, even as our own lives were showing otherwise, we struggle to trust God as the one who keeps us sober. We think there is something we must be doing at all times to guarantee we don’t have a slip. We want some kind of insurance against relapse.

But faith means believing in what we cannot see. We cannot see God working out our lives perfectly. We cannot see Him and the purposes He has. We are told that it is He who will preserve us in sobriety and that our main job is to trust.

It helps to look at our program fellows—those who have more sobriety that we do—and observe how they are trusting God for their continued recovery. They have a peace and contentment that is attractive. Seeing how God has provided in the lives of those around us can help us believe He would do the same for us.

Accepting Grace

Some of us will have a hard time believing that we deserve sobriety or that we could ever be the recipients of such a gift. We think back to our many years of sin and defying God in our addiction and we wonder why He would ever allow us the joy of continued sobriety and the abundant life that comes with it.

The truth is that none of us deserves anything from God. On our own, we have no claim on His power or His blessings. What we do have, however, is grace. In Jesus Christ our sins are forgiven and God looks upon us with the same favor with which He looks upon His own son. We are sons and daughters of God through Christ, therefore we can trust the promises of God and lay claim to them with confidence. God wants a glorious life for you, and you can rest in this.

Doing The Footwork

While trusting in God, His power and His grace is the first step, it is not the last. There is work to do. We are not working to earn our salvation, but we are working to heal from a disease that has sickened our lives and relationships. We don’t simply sit around waiting for God to perform a miracle; we place our full trust in Him and then get moving.

The great thing is that our work is laid out for us clearly in the 12 steps. There’s no need to devise other methods or approaches to recovery and sobriety. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We simply need to follow this path faithfully, working the steps and seeking the support of our fellow addicts in recovery.

Taking It One Day At A Time

Many of us get a little nervous when we think about long-term sobriety. Sure, we’re feeling good about being sober now, but what about 10 days from now or 10 years? How can we know we will still desire a clean life? How can we be sure this demon won’t be back to haunt us?

We can’t know and we can’t control it. What we have is the space of this day to live in faith and to do the work of recovery. We can assume that if we continue doing what we are doing and thinking as we are thinking, we won’t feel the need to return to our addiction. Each day we make the choice to be sober, and we continue to do the things that help us stay that way. One day at a time, recovery happens.

Trust In God…He Can Make ALL Things Possible!
Remember, What’s Impossible With Man Is Possible With God!