What Is God’s Role In My Sobriety?

As soon as we get sober and begin on our road to recovery, we begin to hear that it is God who is keeping us sober and that there is no more important relationship for our continued sobriety and growth than the one we have with Him. However, we are also told we shouldn’t sit around waiting for a miracle. We are told there is footwork to be done and we soon learn that this means going to meetings, working the steps, seeking a sponsor, reaching out to other addicts and giving of ourselves through service.

What Is God’s Role In My Sobriety And Recovery?

Light From Heaven-God’s Role In My Sobriety-ChristianDrugRehabSo if we are doing all of this work and we are depending upon the 12 steps and our fellowship, what role does God play in our recovery and where does He come into the equation? How do we simultaneously work hard at recovery while also completely entrusting our sobriety to Him? It seems like something of a contradiction.

As humans we tend to assume that everything is black-and-white, either-or. In reality, relationships don’t really work that way, especially a relationship with God. Roles are not so clearly delineated.

We Must Work For Our Sobriety Too, While Also Being Open To God

If we sit around “trusting God” all day but doing nothing for our own sobriety and recovery, many of us will soon find ourselves reaching for the bottle again. It isn’t that God doesn’t have the power to work miracles or that He can’t help us without our contribution, but that He is leading us on a path of growth. We can’t be led along that path if we won’t walk.

Others will work the steps with all enthusiasm and energy, giving 110 percent and hoping it is enough. They will work at it like there’s no divine power in the equation. They may seek to control the process, believing that in the end, the only person you can ever really depend on is yourself. They give lip service to God, but there is little show of faith because they’re trusting in themselves. This can lead to pride, burnout and relapse. It becomes too big of a burden to carry.

There is, however, another way of looking at the relationship, and it begins with humility. When we acknowledge that we were dying in our addiction and that nothing outside of divine intervention could have saved us, we begin to recognize the power and grace of God. The fact that we aren’t drinking today is because He has set our feet on this new path. Yes, we are here, we are showing up and we are doing the work, but in our drinking days, could we have even fathomed such a thing? The fact that we are getting out of bed, working our program and going to bed sober is grace. There was a time when we wouldn’t have even wanted it.

God’s Power And Ongoing Help

For some people, the temptation to use again will soon disappear. This is a grace, but that doesn’t mean God doesn’t continue to have a role in keeping you sober. Yes, you are working your program and growing in recovery, but this isn’t apart from God. He is the power behind the work that we do, He helps us in our acts of service and many times helps to shield us from temptation. When we are tempted, He promises to provide a way out so that we don’t stumble.

We will not always feel God’s active presence. It may seem like we are walking an uphill road in recovery and that there is no one helping us. Be reminded, God has us on this journey for our growth, and no one grows or develops in comfortable, unchallenging circumstances. If you experience adversity, this is not God punishing you, challenging your sobriety or leaving you to fend for yourself. He is giving you an opportunity to rely more heavily upon His power and grace. Embrace the opportunity.

In the end, humility is the key to understanding God’s role in our lives and our sobriety. We know, at the core of our being, that we are nothing without His love, grace and power. And when we remember how He saved us from our own destruction, we see how active He is in our sobriety. We know that we are working and following the steps laid out for us, but we also know that the very desire, motivation and energy to stay sober and to work our program of recovery comes from Him. We see that He is everything and that without Him, we have no hope. We know it is by His grace that we are sober, just for today, but if we keep doing what we’re doing and thinking as we’re thinking, we can trust that He will continue to help us for many days in the future.

Seek And Trust God. He Will Always Be There For You…Always…Even When You Don’t Feel Like It!