Listen to Your Heart

Relieve the troubles of my heart and free me from my anguish. -Psalm 25:17

Your heart aches with the loneliness that addiction brings.

You feel disconnected and wonder what your purpose is.  You hunger for connection, freedom, and peace.  Your heart is leading you back to your faith and your Savior.

Drugs and alcohol serve to isolate us, not only from our Creator, but from friends and family.  As our addiction takes hold we spend more time with those who let us drink and drug as much as we like. We begin to avoid those who love us and express concern about our behavior.  We also begin to avoid God.

If you listen to your heart, you will know something is very wrong.  You feel the pain of your separation from those who love you.  You feel the loneliness of your distance from God.  At first, this  might lead you to drink more and bury yourself in negative behaviors, friends who aren’t really friends, and drown out the messages your heart and mind are sending you.

However, if you are here, those messages are loud and clear.  You want to feel part of something bigger.  You want to reconnect with people you love.  Drugs and alcohol have failed to fill the void you felt. No matter how much you try to drown out the loneliness and pain, it comes back with a vengeance.

There is only one way to truly heal your life and find peace, that is through recovery.  But you can’t do it alone.  God is there to take the burden and carry you when you can’t do it yourself.

Listen to your heart. Reach out for help today.