How Is Christian Rehab Different from Other Rehabs?

Integrating faith into your treatment is important to you. Your Christian faith is the foundation for your recovery. However, it is still important to get quality clinical care by experienced, licensed professionals.

Christian drug rehabs build on the strong foundation of traditional treatment centers by incorporating the Word of God. Through God’s grace and the guidance of an experienced treatment team, the addict can reclaim control of their life and heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In addition to traditional addiction treatments such as educational groups, therapy and relapse prevention planning, Christian drug rehabs offer:

  • Christian-centered therapy led by Christian drug counselors
  • Bible study
  • Regular church attendance
  • Participation in Celebrate Recovery support groups
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Application of the scriptures to addiction recovery
  • Twelve-Step meetings
  • Religious activities in the community, such as Christian concerts and church barbecues

Christian drug rehabs look to the Word of God to help addicts resist the temptation to return to drug abuse. Aftercare planning may include finding certain scriptures that resonate during difficult times, locating a church home or Bible study in the community, staying involved in Celebrate Recovery, and exploring volunteer opportunities. Clients also learn how prayer and quiet meditation can ground them in their recovery each day.

In traditional addiction treatment programs, patients develop the skills to achieve lasting sobriety. In Christian drug rehabs, those skills are grounded in a power far superior than human will or knowledge: Jesus Christ. Clients leave treatment with the skills they need as well as a recovering identity in Christ and a practical guide for how to live in a way that pleases God.