Healing from Addiction through Christ

What has brought you to this place? Have you felt moved to change your life for the better?  Have you been guided to look for help and support so you can quit the loneliness of addiction and rediscover a life of grace?

Addiction is as much a disease of the spirit as a disease of the mind and body. For many Christians, recovery from addiction is greatly enhanced when it is grounded in spiritual principles. Instead of turning to drugs or alcohol, they find meaning and purpose by receiving treatment for addiction and at the same time growing in their relationship with God.

Christian drug rehabs are a powerful treatment option for those seeking a faith-based recovery. In Christian drug rehabs, Christians can speak openly about their faith and look to their counselors, each other and God for guidance and support.

In addition to traditional 12-Step work and intensive therapy, patients attend church services and Bible study, participate in Celebrate Recovery support groups, and attend Christian-centered therapy sessions led by Christian drug counselors. Through prayer and scripture, men and women work to fill the spiritual void that contributes to and perpetuates addictive thinking and behaviors. Their belief system provides the motivation and inspiration to get well.

Christian drug rehabs incorporate ongoing involvement in various Christian-based therapy and support groups as part of relapse prevention planning. They also help patients locate a home church, Bible study, service opportunities and 12-Step meetings in their community. While developing the tools for lifelong recovery, clients deepen their connection with God and learn how their spiritual beliefs can enhance their recovery.

Christian drug rehab is ideally suited to individuals with a strong faith in God as well as those who want to rekindle their passion for their faith. Those who seek to discover God for the first time but have never been exposed to religious teachings or invited Christ into their hearts may also choose a Christian drug rehab as their recovery home.

God chooses to heal people in many different ways. Christian drug rehab is one of the most effective and profoundly healing ways to recover from addiction without losing sight that a blessed life centers on a close relationship with Christ.