How Can a Christian Become Addicted?

Addiction is not a moral failing, it is a disease.  The American Society of Addiction Medicine recently clarified this fact.

Christians who become addicted to drugs or alcohol often struggle with a great deal of shame and fear. They wonder how someone who has accepted Christ into their heart and committed their life to God’s Will can become dependent on drugs. They wonder if they have lost favor in the eyes of God.

A vast body of research has been building over the past decade that shows that addiction is a biological condition – a brain disease with predictable patterns that have been documented through brain imaging scans. It is not a moral weakness or character flaw. Just as someone with diabetes or cancer is not judged or demoralized, Christian drug rehabs understand that Christians struggling with addiction have a chronic, progressive illness that requires treatment.

It is possible to be a devout Christian and an addict. Like everyone else, Christians can become addicted and require treatment to get well. God is not judgmental, critical or angry at the addict for being sick. God is full of love and compassion for the addict and desires the very best for them – but first they must turn to Him. By reaching out for His wisdom and healing, the addict can be transformed.