What to Expect in Christian Drug Rehab Programs

iStock_000002996723XSmallIf you are a Christian struggling with a drug addiction and looking into treatment options, you are likely considering the possibility of a Christian approach to addiction and recovery. But how does this approach differ from a non-Christian rehab program? Does one have to be a Christian? What can an addict entering a Christian rehab expect?

How Is Christian Rehab Different from Regular Rehab?

Christian drug rehabilitation is characterized by its Christ-centered approach and Biblical focus; this is what makes it unique from non-Christian or secular approaches to drug addiction and treatment. While many treatment programs and rehabs will have a spiritual focus and may encourage dependence upon a higher power, Christian rehab focuses on the higher power that is the God of the Bible.

One of the main objectives of Christian rehab is not only to get the addict off of drugs, but also to help him or her establish a relationship of dependence upon God that will empower recovery, give victory over drug addiction and lay the groundwork for lifelong spiritual growth and development.

One of the benefits of Christian rehab is the opportunity the addict has to develop a fellowship of friends and support among other Christians who are also dealing with drug use. This is something you may not find at your church (unless it is a recovery-based church) but that will be vital to your recovery. Together, with these brothers and sisters in Christ, you will learn how to seek God for the help you need to recover.

In Christian rehab, your group therapy sessions are led by Christian drug counselors and designed to be Biblically-based and Christ-centered. Through study of the Bible, you will come to better understand who God is, to embrace his message of salvation and to see that although the word “addiction” is never mentioned in Scripture, the Bible does indeed have quite a lot to say about it. These studies help you learn to apply God’s word to your life.

During your stint in rehab, you will also have the opportunity to attend “celebrate recovery” and 12-step meetings. This gives the recovering addict the chance to join other Christians and addicts who are recovering and to begin his or her own recovery journey on the right foot.

Is Christian Drug Treatment Right for Me?

If you are a believer, or desire a stronger belief in Jesus Christ as the basis of your recovery from drug addiction, Christian rehab may be the place for you. If you aren’t a believer, or you aren’t sure about your faith, Christian rehab can be a safe place to explore your faith further and to seek spiritual growth as you recover from your addiction.

Christian rehab is a chance to know God in ways you never have, and to experience love, forgiveness and grace in ways you never thought possible. Christian drug rehab puts God at the center of recovery, allowing you, through Bible study, fellowship and prayer to begin rebuilding your life on a solid foundation. Your recovery is not just mental and physical, it is deeply spiritual as well.