I’m A Christian – Can I Still Be An Addict?

There’s something about the cultural image of Christianity that keeps us from linking Christians with vices and addictions. Perhaps it is because we have in our minds the images of priests, pastors or Catholic saints and we assume that if someone has devoted her life to serving God and His people, she is somehow exempt from sin and temptation.

However, these images are more caricatures than reality. While Christianity calls us to live a life of holiness, God doesn’t often call people who are already perfect. Jesus came to save sinners, not those who believe they’ve got it made. This was his life’s ministry and he died for people who sin.

Incorrect Assumptions Of A Christian

I’m A Christian - Can I Still Be An Addict - ChristianDrugRehab.comDespite this reality, clearly communicated through the Bible, we have a different assumption of what it means to be a Christian. Even those of us who are actively involved in our churches and seeking the Lord can tend to believe that Christians are people who are living free of sin and temptation.

We are surprised when we hear of cases of addiction in our faith communities. We tend to believe we are somehow above the fray.

Even Christians Battle Sin And Other Struggles

The trouble with this sort of thinking is that it can cause some genuine and potentially dangerous blind spots. We may think that if we are Christians and are intending to follow God, our decisions and behaviors are somehow “baptized.”

We may fail to recognize the very real sin struggles of those in our congregations because we can’t believe another professing Christian would be caught in the net of addiction or adultery. We sometimes fail to realize that Christians are human—subject to the very same temptations as everyone else in the world. If anything, Christians may face even stronger temptation as there is nothing that pleases the devil more than pulling a believer off the path.

As Christians, whether in recovery or not, we must never assume we are somehow beyond the struggles and temptations of the rest of the world. We must be as honest as everyone else and humble enough to remember that we are always prone to sin. And if we think we’re free of sin, we should proceed with caution. It is quite possible we are walking in denial.

If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. I John 1:8

At other times we get a little too caught up in the “rules” set by modern culture. Everyone goes out and gets tipsy on the weekends. Everyone overeats. Lots of people check out online porn from time to time. This is absolutely true. As humans—Christian or not—we are inclined to meet our urges for stimulation, escape, sex and excess. And our society supports it.

Does Addiction And Sin Conform To A Holy Life?

God, however, calls us to a life of sobriety and self-control. He does not say we must be ascetics or that we shouldn’t enjoy life, but He sets forth for us a picture of holiness. He calls us to be holy as He is holy.

Thus the questions we need to ask ourselves, especially if we dabble in drugs, excessive use of food or alcohol, porn, gambling, casual sex, etc., is not whether the Bible allows it or whether it matches up with what the rest of society is doing, but if it conforms to God’s picture of a holy life. We may be surprised at the answer.

Christianity is a high calling, but it is a path and a process—one that lasts a lifetime. God calls sinners. He accepts us, forgives us and loves us, but He isn’t content to have us stay that way. He has more for us. We can’t let ourselves off the hook on the grounds that we aren’t full-blown drunks or sex addicts. The questions the Bible would ask us are more along the lines of: Are we sober-minded? Are we chaste? Are we being conformed to the image of Christ?

Hope And Help For The Struggling Christian!

If you are a Christian and you believe you struggle with addiction, don’t try to justify it or explain it away. There is help for you now—you don’t have to wait until the situation gets further out of control. If you know you’re caught in sin, if it’s controlling your life and you can’t stop, get help today. God is calling you to a life of holiness and He will help you get there.

God Loves You – Seek & Trust In HIM!