Police Caution That Fake LSD Can be Deadly

Police Caution That Fake LSD Can be Deadly Law enforcement officials have their hands full trying to keep up with the long list of synthetic drugs making their way to the market as of late. Although last year the DEA banned the use of chemicals common to many bath salts, new substitutes continue to emerge.

According to Detective Lt. John Janowski of the Strongsville, OH police department, once a drug is declared illegal, chemists come up with an alternative that is just different enough structurally to narrowly escape regulation.

The latest homemade drug to sweep the streets is known by the name of N-Bomb and produces psychedelic effects comparable to LSD. The synthetic alternative comes from mescaline but it is structurally different.

The main way the drug is obtained is via the Internet, and like LSD, N-Bomb is usually consumed by ingesting small pieces of paper that have been saturated with the liquid form of the drug.

According to an article printed in the Strongsville Patch, even though N-Bomb is fairly new to the market, it has already been associated with death and bodily harm. The drug was believed to be responsible for the death of a young Texas man, who died at the age of 21 after ingesting the drug while partying last summer. Another fatality report connected with the drug surfaced in New Orleans, Louisiana this fall after a 21-year-old male was found dead at a local music festival.

Additionally, N-Bomb reportedly almost claimed the life of a St. Louis native not long ago when the young girl slipped into a stupor after consumption. Because of the drug, the 15-year-old had trouble seeing properly, couldn’t distinguish the level of her own voice, experienced irrepressible body tremors, and struggled to get her breath.

N-Bomb, also called by the name “Smiles” may ultimately leave its users with anything but a grin their face – police are cautioning that the drug is known to be strong and highly toxic.