Perfection Is Driving Women to Become Addicts

The pressure to be perfect is driving more and more women to amphetamine addiction. Leading the way for this generation’s drug of choice for women seems to be Adderall, a common medicine used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. According to author Brad Lamm, a board-registered interventionist and former addict, this particular drug enables women to experience easy weight loss and focus.

Lamm knows all of this too well. A former Adderall addict himself, Lamm spoke to many women already addicted to the drug in a recent article in Shape magazine. He showed how they are affected, as well as how those who are seeing its effects firsthand are impacted.

One coed told Lamm that she finds herself fighting the temptations of Adderall as she constantly sees her other classmates maintaining that supermodel figure and making the honor roll each semester. Others experience Adderall’s gripping affects by seeing friends use the drug to obtain a recreational high.

There are undeniable side effects to something that encourages women to feel on top of it all. Besides the addictive behavior itself, many users notice increase in heart rate, mood swings and irritability.

To those seeking a quick fix, Adderall appears to have all the symptoms of a “magic pill”. Temporary weight loss topped with the ability to finish a laundry list of chores in a single bound. Adderall has the natural appeal many women seek.

Obtaining the prescription drug is just as easy. Because Adderall is a drug used to treat ADHD, women are figuring out what it takes to appear to be someone suffering from ADHD. With every symptom, story and reference sheet on the Internet, it takes no time at all to discover the key words to get a doctor to prescribe Adderall.

The best remedy to beat Adderall addiction is to educate those with prescription pads and address society’s slighted view on what it means to be a woman, says Lamm. There are intervention specialists all over the country that can offer support to women needing help fighting their addiction to Adderall.