Drug Rehab Over the Holidays?

Drug rehab can be the beginning of a new life. What better time to reconnect with Christ through recovery than during the month we celebrate His birth?   People will often find ways to put of rehab. They are worried about their job, their family, the holidays…but the truth is, are you really doing anyone any favors by continuing to abuse alcohol and drugs?  Are you truly there for your family? How long before you lose that job as your life gets more and more chaotic and drugs do more damage?

Many Christians with addiction decide to go to drug rehab even though it is the holiday precisely because it is Christmas.   God gave the greatest give, His Son, to us.  Now you offer the greatest gift you can to your family and loved ones: a sober and clear mind.

If you are concerned about your family being upset about not being home for Christmas, sit them down and talk about how you are tired of ruining family holidays. You are tired of being sick due to drugs or alcohol.  You don’t want to put other families at risk by driving when you know you can’t stay clean. You want to honor God’s gift to you of His Son by taking this bold step to reclaim your life from the grip of addiction.

Imagine starting the New Year with a clear mind, an open heart, and a healing body.