How Christian Treatment Centers Help with Addiction

Christian treatment centers offer a unique way to treat those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction by integrating spirituality into day to day treatment. Focusing treatment on the belief that a higher power can help fill that void that most addicts struggle with, and building a stronger relationship with a higher power is how treatment is segmented from standard treatment centers. Christian treatment centers often provide daily spiritual readings, guidance, prayer, and group bible studies into daily treatment. Learn what a Christian addiction treatment center can offer below:

Christian Interventions

Addiction often affects more than just the individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, but friends and family as well. Those who are directly affected by the addiction want to see that person get the best treatment they need to overcome this battle. Christian interventions are offered to those who are strong believers in God and looking for love and kindness to help them reach the next level of care which would be treatment.

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Christian Drug Addiction Treatment

Christian Treatment CentersPart of drug addiction recovery in a Christian treatment center is developing a strong relationship with God and confessing any wrong-doings caused from the drug addiction to God. Seeking forgiveness is one of the phases of recovery that Christian treatment programs will include.

Individualized drug addiction treatment plans are also a must. Each drug addiction is unique which means withdrawal symptoms, spiritual beliefs, mental illness, and history is individually unique. Drug treatment plans are developed after an initial assessment to better understand each person before moving into drug detox.

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Christian Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism has many different causes and consequences for those struggling with this disease. When someone is struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s important to note that this is not their fault. God has bigger plans for them and will help see them through to a healthy recovery.

Christian alcohol addiction treatment centers offer personalized treatment options for on-going recovery as well as detoxification. Each person is unique and their needs will need be addressed individually in order for alcohol treatment to be effective.

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Christian Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

Anxiety, depression, stress, bi-polar disorder, are all forms of mental illness that often coincide with substance abuse. It is no doubt that daily life, even for Christians, can become extremely stressful resulting in substance abuse if there is a mental disorder present that isn’t being monitored. Christians should understand that mental disorders are a medical condition that should be treated just like any other health problem.

Christian treatment centers will help focus the mind toward God and positive thoughts using a variety of techniques. Christian mental health treatment centers may include faith-focused group therapy sessions, faith-focused individual therapy, faith education, psychiatric evaluations, and on-going spiritual guidance.

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Christian Addiction Treatment Centers Offer Personalized Treatment Encompassing a Higher Power

Individualized addiction treatment is offered to many Christian treatment centers because addicts have the best chance of recovery when treatment is tailored to their specific needs. Programs include a full assessment before a treatment program is developed. Even in the initial assessment phase, Christians will be welcomed by others with similar beliefs. After the assessment, those who are experiencing withdrawals will be initiated into detox where Christian counselors will make them as comfortable as possible. Treatment begins during detox when individuals are comfortable enough to attend therapy sessions where dedicated addiction treatment plans are developed.

Throughout the entire process, God is there to help. Christian counselors and others involved in faith are there to help speak the word of God and tailor treatment to include steps that will make the relationship stronger than ever while recovering from addiction.

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